Mc Afee EPO Orchestrator 4.5

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Including Service Desk module (set up and configure antivirus)


Course Outline

Introducing ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5

Components of ePolicy Orchestrator

What's new in this release



System requirements

Server and Agent Handler requirements

Database requirements

Database considerations

Distributed repositories

Supported products and components

Operating systems language support


Installing ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 Software

Installing the server

Installing an Agent Handler

Logging on to ePolicy Orchestrator

How to navigate the ePO interface

The Menu

The navigation bar


Set Up the ePolicy Orchestrator Server

Configuring a repository pull task

Checking the status of the pull task

Checking in the VirusScan Enterprise package manually


Add Systems to Manage

Creating your System Tree groups

Adding systems to your System Tree groups

Organizing new systems into your groups

Deploying the McAfee Agent

Verifying agent communication with ePolicy Orchestrator

More on working with the System Tree

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 3


Deployment Tasks

Creating a product deployment task

Creating a product update task

Verifying client software installation

Revisiting the PUP audit VirusScan policy

Resetting the On-Access Scan policy

Verifying the On-Demand Scan task


Setting Policies

Creating policies for the McAfee Agent

Creating policies for VirusScan Enterprise

Locking the local VirusScan console

Creating file exclusions on a server

Creating policies for the AntiSpyware Enterprise module

Assigning policies

Assigning McAfee Agent policy

Assigning VirusScan Enterprise policies


Using Dashboards and Queries

Activating a dashboard

Changing a dashboard monitor

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