Extend our Sharepoint

Extend our Sharepoint

Office Sharepoint has a big amount of configuration options, but as all software does it also has limits. To extend it we have multiple tools at hand such as: Visual Studio .NET and Sharepoint Designer an many URLs with free downloadable add-ons.

Sharepoint Designer is a free tool we can download from Microsoft’s website and allows us to create customized workflows, or change and adapt our templates and the look and feel of our Sharepoint.

Sharepoint Desginer 2007

Sharepoint Designer 2010

Sharepoint Designer 2013


Opening the default.aspx page in Sharepoint Designer

Once we install Sharepoint, it may not be in the language we wish it to be. In this case, we can download, also for free, language packs that allow us to add the desired language to site creation.

Sharepoint 2007 language pack

Sharepoint 2010 language pack

Another option for customizing our Sharepoint is to install new templates for the creation of new sites. Microsoft provides several free links to download templates

Sites templates for Sharepoint
Windows Sharepoint templates
Windows Sharepoint
core template

Sharepoint 2010 Sites template

Besides all these tools, Microsoft provides another tool for free developing, the SDK, where we have several connection samples to external Web Services, tools to configure connections de external data sources, etc.

SDK for Sharepoint 2007

SDK for Sharepoint 2010

And if what we want to change is the look and feel of our site, we can always download these free master pages, provided by Microsoft.

Master Pages for Sharepoint 2007

Master Pages for Sharepoint 2010

  • Thursday, 30 May 2013